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Who and Where – A Lawyer Directory

Posted by Seva on April 14, 2008

One side-effect of conflict of laws being a rather esoteric area of law is that only a few people regularly practice in this area and, outside of the well known voices, it is relatively hard to identify these practitioners. So, within the confines of advertising limits established by the provincial Legal Profession Acts, I was thinking that it may be a good idea to create a list of lawyers (name, firm, phone number, email, practice keywords, link to profile) who practice in this area, sorted by subject and location. Although this blawg is Canadian-based, there is no specific reason why the directory would need to be limited to Canadian lawyers.

Tentatively, I thought that such a directory would include:

(1) litigators – enforcement of foreign judgments, international public and private law, jurisdiction arguments, etc., as well as experts in foreign law.

(2) solicitors – structuring multi-jurisdiction transactions, jurisdiction and a choice of law clauses, etc.

(3) professors teaching relevant subjects.

There are two ways that such a directory could be created.

The first way, it would be a static page on this blawg. People would send me information (about themselves or someone they know) and I would integrate it into the page. The main advantage of this method is certain level of pre-approval, hopefully filtering out spam.

The second way, which I prefer, is to have this list created and maintained using a WiKi model, where everyone would be able to contribute to and edit the list. The main advantages of the second model is that it would collectively “owned” and would not depend on any one person maintaining it.

I welcome everyone’s feedback and hope this idea will meet with some interest.

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