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LegalTree.Ca – Excellent Source of Canadian Legal Info

Posted by Seva on September 10, 2008

Finding Canadian legal information online has always been a hit and miss undertaking. On the one hand, given the relatively small size of our legal field, there were not many resources to be found, and after finding two or three textbooks and blawgs on a particular subject, I would be fairly sure that I’ve found everything there is. On the other hand, it would often be rather difficult to find these resources.

Fortunately, there is now, an ever-growing collaborative legal research website, providing a central repository of information about legal textbooks, commentaries, journals, and blawgs. Case in point, it even lists this blawg, as one of only two blawgs on the subject of conflict of laws. WIth resources organized by practice areas and a search engine, this site has as of late become one of my starting points for any legal research project. Thank you legaltree!

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